German Informatics Society – Annual membership

German Informatics Society – Annual membership

Computer scientists design and develop important components for the future of our society. German Informatics Society The (GI) is the largest association of informatics specialists in the German-speaking world and has gathered together a comprehensive wealth of knowledge, innovation and vision. One particularly important aspect of this work lies in youth development, something you can now also benefit from: as an IT student and a member of our careerloft careerloft Scholarship Program, you’ll receive a membership to the German Informatics Society, free for the first calendar year.

And as a member of the German Informatics Society, you are part of a network of IT specialists from the fields of science, business, academia and public service. You’ll receive information on current IT issues and you’ll be able to engage in personal discussions with the Society’s approximately 200,000 members – including 1,500 students and nearly 300 organizations and institutions – during events or in online forums. 

Included in your membership are: 

  • A weekly newsletter with GI news and information from the computer science and IT sectors 
  • Fixed price nationwide tickets for all train journeys to GI events
  • Discounted Linux training materials to help you prepare for your exams 
  • Special discounted price for GI events and events held by other scientific societies, as well as for training events held by the Deutsche Informatik-Akademie GmbH (“German Computer Science Academy”) 
  • Free or discounted journals and publications 
  • Discount on British and American books not subject to fixed price regulations 
  • and much more 

The following conditions apply 
to this Scholarship Service:

  • GI memberships are only issued to careerloft Scholarship Program members studying IT.
  • Membership is free for the first calendar year.
  • Please note that these careerloft Scholarship Services must be canceled in writing should you decide at the end of the no-fee calendar year that you no longer wish to continue your GI membership. Deadline for cancellation: November 30 to December 31 of each year.
  • The German Informatics Society’s General Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Memberships are only available while supplies last. * There is no legal claim to free membership.
  • The registration form and other parts of this Scholarship Service may not be sold to third parties.
  • This Scholarship Service can only be ordered once.
Order process

Simply click “Order now”. By clicking this button you are confirming that you are majoring in computer science. You will then be requested to confirm or update your address. You’ll then be prompted to download a registration form for the German Informatics Society in PDF format. Please print this out and mail your completed form to the following address:

German Informatics Society / Gesellschaft für Informatik e. V. (GI)
Ahrstraße 45
53175 Bonn

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