careerloft Career Network Terms of Use

1. Basic principles

The use of the careerloft career network – from the time that the user first visits the website as an unregistered guest – shall be subject to the following Terms of Use agreed as part of the user’s, i.e., your, contractual relationship with the provider, i.e., Medienfabrik Gütersloh GmbH, embrace Department, Carl-Bertelsmann-Straße 33, Germany, upon your registration. If and insofar as special conditions for individual uses of careerloft deviate from the following Terms of Use, this shall be indicated at the appropriate location on the website and your consent shall be obtained. In such cases, these special terms of use shall apply as a supplement to these Terms of Use. Your use of this website is free of charge at all times and such use is not bound by any financial obligations. careerloft is financed by contributions from companies interested in qualified applicants.

careerloft is an online career network with an affiliated Career Development Program for talented students and graduates; the minimum age for use is generally 18. careerloft gives users the opportunity to network with careerloft cooperation partners in order to advance their careers. Every careerloft user is able, among other things, to apply for jobs, internships and events advertised by careerloft cooperation partners on careerloft. Conversely, the careerloft career network enables its cooperation partners to offer jobs, internships and participation in events, to receive information from careerloft on user qualifications and to contact users.

Furthermore, careerloft retains the right to contact the user to provide them with information about program content. Both (electronic) mail and telephone calls may be used for administrative purposes or in order to provide targeted and individualized information from the network. By accepting the Terms of Use, the user agrees to be contacted by careerloft via email, internal system messages and other electronic mail with current information and notifications about the careerloft network and careerloft partner company events which may present an opportunity to get in contact with these companies. The user may terminate this notification service at any time by changing their settings under the “Notifications” menu item.

careerloft is entitled to change or cancel services offered free of charge, in whole or in part, at any time and without specifying the grounds for doing so, with such change or cancellation having immediate effect. careerloft retains the right to grant different groups of users different rights and privileges. careerloft currently distinguishes between members and Career Development Program members. If and insofar as additional user groups emerge, careerloft will notify users of this. In particular, future services for (young) professionals and former Career Development Program members are planned, which will no longer correspond to the target group of the current Career Development Program.

2. Registration

Adults aged 18 or over may register with careerloft and create their own profile. Minors under 18 must have proof of informed consent from a parent or legal guardian in order to register. The languages currently offered for careerloft registration are German and English. You may check your information for any errors prior to confirming your registration, and you may rectify such errors at any time using the Delete/Edit function. When registering, you must accept careerloft’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy; you may view, download and print these documents. In order to verify your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with a link you must click on in order to complete your registration; all significant terms and conditions are once again included in an attachment to this email. Furthermore, these terms and conditions shall not be stored in a manner accessible to you via the internet, but only represent the terms and conditions as amended at that time. Should you lose this confirmation email, you may request a copy from us. You undertake to provide complete and true information when registering. Users undertake to immediately inform careerloft of any changes to the date entered by them during registration.

Users are not permitted to use pseudonyms or stage or pen names, as careerloft only provides networking opportunities with plain data. All services offered by careerloft shall be personally linked to the respective user. Only the user shall be entitled to use these services. This shall apply in particular to all services provided as part of the Career Development Program.

Users may only register once and may only create one user profile. For technical reasons, careerloft is unable to verify whether a user registered with careerloft is actually the person the user claims to be. As a result of this, careerloft cannot guarantee the actual identity of any given user. As such, it is the responsibility of individual users to verify the authenticity of the identity of respective other users. You also undertake to keep confidential the password you have chosen and not to disclose this to any third parties under any circumstances, with the exception of cases legally requiring such disclosure to authorized persons or regulatory authorities.

Once they have registered, users may log in to the careerloft website at any time using the email address used to register and the password chosen during registration. Users shall be held individually responsible for any use of the website accessed by virtue of their access authorization and password, including cases where such access is undertaken by third parties. Careerloft is entitled to immediately block this access authorization in the event of fraudulent, abusive or otherwise unlawful use.

3. careerloft partners

Companies and organizations may register with careerloft, allowing them to present their own profile on careerloft and to advertise events relating specifically to certain positions or careers; such companies and organizations are hereinafter referred to as “Partners”. Within the framework of a graduated model, Partners shall be granted access to careerloft user data and may use this data to contact users, for example, by email, in order to present their events and support programs as well as job offers and internships relating to specific courses of study or careers, if and insofar as such activities are not already undertaken by careerloft. Such communications between Partners, ourselves and you are undertaken securely with the aim of helping you to decide what you would like to do during and after your studies, i.e., the essential purpose and rationale behind your participation in careerloft. careerloft selects these partners according to a strict set of criteria. Partners are exclusively established and well-known employers or colleges/universities. A list of current Partners is available here; we always keep this list up to date. Partners contacted by users represent the sole point of contact for all questions concerning specific job, training or internship agreements with respect to their conclusion, performance and termination. 

4. Confidentiality 

Registered users may create their own profile in their account with information suitable for applications. The data required for participation in careerloft shall be stored and processed by the provider. Users shall have access to this data at all times. Additional information on the collection, use and utilization of personal data of which the provider becomes aware can be found in our Privacy Policy. careerloft shall not disclose personal user data to third parties or otherwise inform third parties of such data except for purposes relating directly to careerloft. Users may obtain information from other users and, where necessary, internal information from cooperation partners through the content and comments on the careerloft website. This data is shared exclusively for the purpose of building up users’ personal networks. Disclosing such data and information to third parties is prohibited. In the interests of all users, careerloft places great importance on the protection of personal data. If a user violates this, careerloft shall be entitled to exclude them from all careerloft services. Furthermore, careerloft expressly reserves the right to take additional legal steps. 

5. careerloft Scholarship Program and events

Once a user has successfully registered with careerloft, they are then able to apply for the careerloft Scholarship Program as well. careerloft shall specify the selection criteria for this program at its own discretion and reserves the right to change this criteria at a later date. careerloft shall then decide, on the basis of the information received from the user, whether the user meets the criteria for acceptance in the careerloft Scholarship Program and shall inform the user of their decision. If and insofar as the user is accepted into the careerloft Scholarship Program, careerloft shall inform them accordingly and the user shall receive access to careerloft Scholarship Program services. In the event that the user does not meet the criteria set by careerloft, careerloft shall inform them that they will not be accepted into the careerloft Scholarship Program.

By participating in the careerloft Scholarship Program, users have the opportunity to use Scholarship Services, of which there may be limited quantities or which may only be available to users following a particular course of study. Users shall also have access to extensive exclusive and sometimes valuable Scholarship Services and events relating to their chosen careers. These services are free of charge for the user. They may also be invited to specific events for employer branding purposes for one or more Partners through careerloft, such as company tours. Such invitations may be initiated by careerloft, the Partner or even the users themselves. Invitations from Partners through careerloft are generally sent via email.

careerloft reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the information submitted with the application to join the careerloft Scholarship Program. If such information subsequently turns out to be falsified, a duplicate application or any other breach of the terms of participation, careerloft may revoke the acceptance to the careerloft Scholarship Program and may exclude the user from using the careerloft website without notice. With respect to acceptance into the careerloft Scholarship Program, the user undertakes to upload the required personal documentation (including high school transcript, letters of reference, performance records, grade summaries) to the careerloft website.

Users accepted into the careerloft Scholarship Program may be requested to update their profiles from time to time. If they fail to comply with this request, careerloft shall be entitled to exclude the user from the careerloft Scholarship Program. Furthermore, careerloft reserves the right to exclude from the careerloft Scholarship Program those users who no longer meet the criteria required for acceptance to the careerloft Scholarship Program after updating their information. 

6. Your Track Program

careerloft occasionally allows users to apply for three internships with careerloft Partners within a nine-month period via the Your Track Program, in order to gain practical knowledge and experience. Partners shall agree directly corresponding internship contracts with the selected applicants and shall specify the learning content independently. Upon request, they shall provide interns with a letter of reference regarding their performance during their internship, which, upon request and in addition to information about the type and duration of their employment, may also include information about conduct and performance assessment. Partners shall be the sole point of contact for all questions concerning internship agreements and their performance. The personal data collected or stored by careerloft for the purposes of internship placements shall only be processed or used for these purposes. Any processing or use of such data for other purposes shall only be permitted in compliance with the statutory provisions. 

7. Using the website, using careerloft

The website,, contains all kinds of data and information that are protected by trademark or copyrights of the provider or of third parties in individual cases. It is therefore not permitted to download, copy or disseminate this website, in whole or in part. Duplication for the purpose of browsing for technical reasons is permitted if and insofar as this serves no economic purpose and is not intended for permanent duplication for personal use. Placing a link on the website is permitted if and insofar as it serves as a unique reference. The provider reserves the right to revoke these permissions. Framing this website is not permitted.

Users undertake to use careerloft’s services appropriately. In particular, users shall undertake to refrain from displaying, providing or transmitting information whose contents are unlawful or immoral, and from referring to such information, for example by placing hyperlinks. This shall particularly apply to information that: 

  • incites racial hatred;
  • glorifies or downplays violence;
  • is sexually offensive;
  • is pornographic;
  • glorifies war;
  • is likely to morally endanger children or young persons or impair their well-being;
  • is unduly disturbing to other users (especially spam);
  • is legally protected, for example, under copyright, trademark, patent, design or utility patent law, and for which the user does not possess the necessary rights;
  • constitutes or promotes anti-competitive behavior, including progressive customer canvassing, such as chain systems, snowball systems or pyramid schemes.

Furthermore, users undertake: 

  • to comply with the recognized principles of data security;
  • to keep passwords confidential and/or to immediately change them or have them changed if they suspect that unauthorized third parties have gained knowledge of their passwords;
  • to use a password to access careerloft’s services that is not used for other third-party services online;
  • in accordance with careerloft’s guidelines, to terminate use of services by properly logging out (terminating the session) and to use up-to-date anti-virus software to check all files to be uploaded by the user to the website for viruses, worms, Trojans and similar components that interfere with the integrity of files and/or computer hardware and software prior to uploading, and to only upload files that are free of such components. 
8. Provider liability

The provider shall be held liable for the content on its website and for the careerloft career portal in accordance with the statutory provisions, unless agreed otherwise in the following. It shall make no guarantees as to the accuracy and completeness of information on the website. careerloft shall not be held liable for the accuracy of information and published content provided by users. In particular, careerloft shall assume no liability for the content of users’ publications of which careerloft has no knowledge. The same shall apply in cases in which content published by users violates the intellectual property of third parties or the personal rights of third parties. This exclusion of liability shall also apply to content from websites linked by careerloft users without careerloft’s knowledge.

References and links to third-party websites shall not be deemed an indication that the provider supports the content found under such references and links. Content shall not constitute any responsibility on the part of the provider for the data and information contained therein unless the provider is aware of such content and is technically and reasonably able to prevent the use of links to unlawful content. The provider has no control over the content of these links. The provider shall not be liable for unlawful, incorrect or incomplete content or for damage attributable to the use of such linked content. 

There is no requirement for any minimum availability of the careerloft platform. 

9. Termination of participation

Users and the provider may terminate their participation with careerloft at any time. Notice of termination must be issued to the respective other party in writing. Furthermore, users may terminate their agreement with careerloft at any time, without the need to specify the grounds for doing so by using the “Delete User Account” button. In the event of termination, the Provider undertakes to immediately return all documents provided by the user and block any personal data stored about the user from further processing, and to delete such data as soon as possible; backups must then be deleted during the next cleanup. Contractual or statutory obligations to retain information (e.g., for the purpose of fraud control or for tax reasons) shall remain unaffected. Posts and comments written by the user on the careerloft website during their period of use shall not be deleted. However, the sender’s picture and name shall be anonymized.

10. Changes to the Terms of Use

The provider reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use from time to time and to adjust them in accordance with technical and legal developments. Users shall be informed of these new Terms in a timely manner prior to the date on which such Terms enter into force, either through the user’s account or via electronic mail in a format that enables the user to save or print the changes in readable form. In this notification of changes, the provider shall inform the user of the date on which the changes are likely to come into effect, as well as the right to termination free of charge and without notice. Should the user object to any changes, their participation in careerloft shall be deemed to have been terminated. 

Terms of Use last updated: September 2015