SAP Gap Year Program – the unique internship experience

Many students, who are interested in a career, rush through their studies as if they were a race. An attitude that can be counterproductive, since recruiters are not always interested in merely streamlined and opportunistic CVs – especially when it comes to IT-related fields. Make no mistake, companies generally do care about performance, but the greatest and most innovative ones are also looking for things that go beyond that. They look for authenticity, real characters, people who try different things, who show passion, who know what they want and who are able to develop ideas in order to get what they want.

Take a break from your studies and gain practical IT Consulting experience

The SAP Gap Year Program is a great way to find out, what you really care about in your studies as well as your professional life. It is your perfect opportunity to take some time after your bachelor’s degree to gain extremely valuable practical IT experience before continuing with your master studies. 

The program offers you two internships, one with SAP and one with selected customers of SAP. Each of the internships lasts about 4-6 months. The coolest thing about the SAP Gap Year Program: both internships will relate to the same topic, a specific industry or line of business solution. This way, you can really dive deeply into one topic while experiencing very different perspectives and working cultures at the same time, turning the SAP Gap Year Program into a very substantial  and meaningful experience!

Doing two internships also gives you the advantage of meeting a lot of new people. You will have the chance to significantly expand your network throughout two companies. After having completed the SAP Gap Year Program successfully, there can be the possibility for you to keep on working part-time for SAP or the customer while continuing with your master studies.

Apply for the SAP Gap Year Program now

SAP is looking for bachelor’s degree graduates in the field of computer sciences, business informatics or other IT-related fields. The SAP Gap Year Program is only eligible to students who plan to continue with their master studies after the internships.

You can check out current SAP Gap Year Program positions at the program’s website and find out more about each of the specific positions. Be it related to solutions in marketing or financial and management accounting – there is a wide variety of different topics to choose from.

Do you want to make intentional career choices? Would you like your university studies to be a time of true meaning and focus? Are you interested in a truly unique internship experience? In that case, you should embark on your very personal gap year adventure with SAP right now!

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