SAP CareerStarters Program – five major skills for becoming a consultant

Technical expertise, business knowledge, project know-how – SAP’s consultants have to be skillful. In addition to their specialized knowledge, there are some soft skills that make a successful consultant. Daniel Schweizer looks back on his eight years as a consultant.
Daniel Schweizer
Daniel Schweizer looks back on his eight years as a consultant.

Six months ago, he started working for SAP’s Global Consulting Delivery. “I like working as a consultant because it is incredibly exciting and diverse. And it gives me the opportunity to gather a lot of experience”, he says. We asked Daniel to specify five characteristic traits a consultant should have. Here is what he said. 

Curiosity: learning the ropes again and again

SAP consultants definitely have to be curious! They will regularly face new situations, new products, new projects and new customers, with changing project teams in different locations. It is all about permanently discovering something new. For example, consultants need to be up to date with new developments and trends. Curiosity is a good driver for that.

Diplomacy: being able to deal with conflicts

More often than not, people have different views on things, even if they work on a project as a team. As a consultant, the aim is not to “win” in such a situation, but to diplomatically embrace all ideas to keep people motivated and to reach the best possible result for the customer.

Ingenuity: having a talent for improvisation

Working as a consultant, you will always face new challenges. Every project is different. Even if the project goals are similar, the situation and the problems are not the same. Being inventive helps in coming up with new ideas and new solutions. 

Wanderlust: enjoying travel and discovering new places

In a global company like SAP with many customers around the world, a consultant will meet and work with them at their offices. Personal contact is essential in our business. Enjoying travel is the perfect basis for being a consultant.

Adaptability: being able to quickly grasp new and different processes

Being adaptable is important as consultants at SAP work in different projects for different customers. There’s always the challenge to quickly grasp new and different processes. Being able to understand the customer’s specific situation is the key to a consultant’s success.

Do you have the soft skills a consultant should have? Would you like to start your consulting career at SAP? In that case, Daniel has some advice for you: “Depending on your situation, SAP offers many different entries. The CareerStarters Program, for example, is tailored to graduates’ needs”, he explains. “It is a special program that ensures a smooth and successful start into your career at SAP. On our website you will find the latest offers!” 

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