openSAP: Free MOOCs from SAP

Our partner company SAP is offering free MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on their platform, openSAP! Learn more about SAP’s innovative technologies such as SAP HANA while sitting at home on your couch! Simply log on with your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Who are the openSAP courses aimed at?

openSAP courses are aimed at anyone interested in learning about innovative enterprise solutions such as SAP employees, partners, customers, developers or students. You don’t need to be affiliated with SAP in any way – it’s the perfect way to learn more about technologies and innovations, to keep up to date, and to build on your existing knowledge!

What's the openSAP course procedure?

openSAP courses are run online from start to finish; you can, therefore, access all the associated material from home or wherever you happen to be. 

The courses have a set length; they usually last five to seven weeks. They are based on videos plus additional material such as handouts, slides and self-tests so you can monitor your progress. There are over 100 free courses to choose from. Most of the courses are delivered in English with transcripts and subtitles, with a small number of courses delivered in other languages such as Chinese, Japanese, French, and German.

Of course openSAP is about learning something. So there are weekly assignments which you have to complete by set dates. SAP grades the assignment results – together with a further final exam and they contribute to your final score to earn a Record of Achievement.

The weekly course videos last around 90 minutes and are broken down into 15-20 minute units, allowing you to learn in small convenient time slots throughout the week. You should allow around 4 to 5 hours per course week to complete the learning content and weekly assignment. After the course run time is complete, all learning materials remain available on the platform and are accessible for you to learn at anytime.

Test your skills!

Not only can you learn more with openSAP: During the courses, you also have the opportunity of communicating with other course participants and instructors via a discussion forum, which allows you to build up a respective network. Many courses also offer the chance to get hands-on practice, as well as peer assessments and group work. The tests enable you to keep an eye on how you are getting on, and at the end of the course, you will receive a Record of Achievement which you can then, of course, also include in future job applications. And finally, you can demonstrate your skills and individual potential to SAP employees and the openSAP instructors.

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