Five Great Things about the SAP Sales Academy

The SAP Academy for Sales is an intensive nine-month training programme providing a world-class foundation for a successful sales career in high-tech software. It offers the one-off chance to establish an international network of 100 people from 20 different nations coming together in Dublin, California, US. 

So much for the facts. In order to provide some insights, we asked Christina Witte, Sales Academy graduate, to tell us about her experience. We also invited her to name five items that illustrate her work at the SAP Sales Academy. Here’s what Christina told us: 

1. Whiteboard

Smiley on a Whiteboard at the SAP Sales Academy
Whiteboard at the SAP Sales Academy

“The SAP Academy in California offers a wide range of learning opportunities such as innovative classroom training, field training, job shadowing and mentoring. ‘Put yourself in the shoes of your customer’ is a sentence I kept hearing time and again throughout the programme. When meeting with customers, I always tailor my presentation, topics and wording to my counterpart. It’s all about the customer and not about SAP. That’s why we’ve also switched from SAP-branded slides to whiteboards and a few gripping PowerPoint slides. Additionally, we do not hold lectures, but conversations.”

2. Umbrella

There’s nothing more essential than an umbrella for salespeople
There’s nothing more essential than an umbrella for salespeople

“Salespeople travel a lot; whether it is by car, train or plane. There’s nothing more essential than an umbrella. Now, you may wonder why… Last autumn I went to see a customer in the northern part of Germany and after I had left the car park, it suddenly started to rain. Although it was only a short walk, I got completely soaked. Since then I always carry an umbrella or a rain jacket with me.” 

3. Charging cable

Charging cable at the SAP Sales Academy
Charging cable at the SAP Sales Academy

“You may know this feeling from your own experience. The smartphone is running low on battery and is about to die very soon. There’s nothing worse than that! When travelling or staying at the customer’s site, we want to be up to date and have every information needed on the go. So, you always have to have in mind to bring your charging cable!”

4. Beach

SAP Sales Academy can even be found at the beach
SAP Sales Academy

“While staying in California, I developed a passion for surfing. In May I had the pleasure to go surfing in Santa Cruz for the very first time. Afterwards I could hardly move due to my sore muscles. But it was definitely worth it! I am currently planning my next trip to get back on the board.”

5. Network

Sieben Teilnehmer der SAP Sales Academy.
SAP Sales Academy: Participants

“Lessons learned from my time at the SAP Academy: It’s an absolutely amazing experience and lots of fun with great people, but at the same time it is very challenging as you are constantly pushing yourself to the next level. This programme also provides the unique opportunity to grow your international network – not just in terms of business, but also on a personal level. In California I made friends for life with Brazilians and Canadians with whom I spent the best summer holidays. “Great things never come from comfort zone”. This is one of my key take-aways from my time at the academy. 

Sometimes it’s tough and challenging, but be open-minded, be prepared to be driven out of your comfort zone, be humble and always be yourself. Eventually you will realise that it’s all about you, what kind of person you are and that it is up to you how you perceive the world …”

Are you interested in becoming an SAP Sales Academy Trainee yourself? Perfect! SAP is currently looking for young talents: Simply click here for more information on the SAP Sales Academy.

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