Webinar with SAP: Improving lives with Technology Date of event: 26.10.2016, 17:00 - 18:30

“Helping the world run better. Improving lives. That’s our purpose.” Do you want to know how SAP’s technological innovations improve people’s lives and how even early talents at SAP can contribute to the company’s vision? Whether it comes to sustainability, healthcare or education – as one oft the world’s leading innovators of business software, SAP is working on solutions to help the world run better. Learn more about SAP’s vision and purpose by joining the webinar on 26 October 2016 from 5:00 to 6:30 pm.

Find out how innovation, technology and digitalization improve people’s lives and how SAP is living up to its promise of a purpose-driven leader. Julie Barrier, Vice President of Purpose-Driven Marketing from Los Angeles, California, will give you exclusive insights into the world of SAP’s purpose. Thomas Leisen, an Early Talent at SAP, will share his experience at SAP with you as well. He will give you first-hand information on how SAP promotes its employees from day one to make a difference. Furthermore, Thomas will share some personal career advice regarding internships, working student jobs, and other entry options at SAP. In addition, a recruiter from Germany will show you how you can start your career at SAP as an Early Talent or Intern.

Are you interested in helping SAP to improve people’s lives? Please register until 25 October 2016 to participate in the webinar. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions via chat and find out if your next career step is waiting at SAP. We will send you the dial-up data on the day of the webinar.


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