#RichtigBewerben (fit for applying) Munich Re’s Assessment Centre

Our #RichtigBewerben (fit for applying) content series features useful advice for the application process – from the cover letter to the job interview. This week, Maximilian Schumacher, Consultant Talent Sourcing, gives us an authentic inside view of the assessment centre at Munich Re, the world’s leading reinsurance company!
#RichtigBewerben 35: Fit for Applying: Munich Re's Assessment Centre
Fit for Applying: Munich Re's Assessment Centre

Maximilian, how early should candidates arrive?

Try to be right on time. You should arrive a few minutes early, at maximum 20 minutes before the appointment starts. Simply get yourself settled at our reception lounge and calm down a bit before the interview starts.

Maximilian Schumacher, Munich Re
Maximilian Schumacher, Consultant Talent Sourcing at Munich Re

What happens if a candidate arrives late?

If you foresee delay you shouldn’t panic, but react swiftly. Contact the interviewer and inform them about the delay and your approximate new time of arrival. That way no one will brand you as unprofessional or unpunctual.

How does the assessment centre at Munich Re work?

The candidates have to go through several stages including a prepared self-presentation, a role play scenario, a structured interview as well as an online test in advance. The process usually takes three hours.

Describe the atmosphere in your assessment centre in three words.

Open, fair and individual.

What skills and abilities are required in the assessment centre?

The most important ones are presentation skills, authenticity, the capability to sell products as well as oneself, client-orientation, conflict skills and the ability of self-reflection.

How do you analyze and assess the abilities and performances of applicants in the assessment centre?

For every applicant we use the same set of criteria based on our company competence model. Our criteria include topics like client focus, solution orientation, collaboration etc.

When will candidates receive their results?

On the same day! Since we don’t want our applicants to wait for long, they get their results as well as a structured feedback right after the assessment centre.

How can applicants prepare for the assessment centre?

The best way to impress at the assessment centre is by having a fully developed plan of how to present yourself! Make up your mind concerning your personality, strengths and weaknesses and back them up with concrete examples of former experiences with teams, colleagues etc.

What mistakes should applicants avoid?

Not showing up is a no go. Try not to be too nervous – we are talking about conversations on equal footing. Focus on the questions and make sure that your answers are not too long. Brevity is the soul of wit!

What advice would you give to candidates who are nervous before the assessment centre?

First of all, being nervous is totally normal and the interviewers will be aware of that. If a candidate is invited to take part in the assessment centre, they have already passed 1-2 interviews. We are definitely interested at that stage, the assessment centre is just the last step in the application process. Simply appreciate the atmosphere, stay authentic and intend to be at eye level with us!

Thank you for the interview, Maximilian!

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