#JobEinstieg: Munich Re for Career Starters

In our #JobEinstieg (job entry) content series, we give you behind-the-scenes knowledge for career starters – the facts and stories that you cannot necessarily find on the company’s website. What is the lunch culture like? What mistakes should you avoid during your first days of job entry? What does the dress code look like? Maximilian Schumacher, Consultant Talent Sourcing, gave us the inside scoop for career starters at the world’s leading reinsurer Munich Re!
Munich Re for Career Starters
#JobEinstieg 19: Munich Re for Career Starters, @Getty Images, Porta ehf

Maximilian, please describe Munich Re in three words!

Future-oriented, fascinating, global.

What does the first month of a trainee programme typically look like at your company?

Maximilian Schumacher, Munich Re
Maximilian Schumacher, Consultant Talent Sourcing at Munich Re

You start out by getting to know the company, your colleagues und your responsibilities step by step. All trainees start directly in their designated departments and teams. Aside from the onboarding meetings with HR and trainee programme managers as well as your individual training plan, there is a two-day onboarding seminar, where you learn all about the basics of reinsurance and Munich Re. You also have an onboarding buddy as a mentor at your side – usually an experienced trainee or colleague from another department.

What is the dress code at Munich Re?

There is no formal dress code. You can never dress smart enough is the unspoken rule. Losing the tie and/or jacket when you have no client meetings or even wearing a chino is acceptable. No shorts, however ;)

What should career starters watch out for in their first few days?

Don’t drop the tray in the casino ;) Be sensitive to how your individual department or team is working: are there certain rules like being on first name terms or not, when does the majority of the team start in the morning, are there special team-specific dress codes? Apart from that, relax, be authentic and don’t hesitate to ask questions!

What is the lunch culture like?

The employees arrange lunch dates with each other far in advance. It’s rather uncommon at the Munich headquarter to simply have lunch with the team. More likely, you will meet with someone from another department. New trainees are also encouraged to schedule lunch dates with colleagues they should get to know. At our Munich headquarter, lunch is free, by the way!

What values would you like to impart to your career starters?

Client-focus and a global mindset are two central values of Munich Re. We are looking for curious career starters that are willing to make use of their fresh perspective and are open to new ideas and innovative thinking. While we provide all the necessary tools and support you wherever we can, we also do expect you to shape your own career actively across the organisation.

What opportunities for development can career starters expect at Munich Re?

Munich Re offers a wide range of business related and soft skill seminars for all its employees. All trainees around the globe have the benefit of three special two-week training modules during the course of the two-year programme (Graduate Reinsurance Development Programme (GRID) one of them in the US, two in Munich). Additionally, there is a three-month stay abroad, rotation to other functional areas, soft-skill-training, language courses, and much more.

How would you describe the beginning of your career?

When I first started out as an intern before I returned as a consultant, I was impressed by the training’s structure, the amount of responsibility I was given quickly, and how much I was integrated into the team. My opinion and advice were always appreciated and incorporated into several projects and initiatives.

Thank you for the interview, Maximilian!

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