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Melanie Pölking 26.02.2015
Eileen Lin at Munich Re
Eileen Lin
She was actually on her way to Munich Re in Munich. 29 year-old Eileen Lin had a job interview there for a position as Technical Accountant. But then something unexpected happened! 

Her flight was delayed because of a malfunction and she found herself stuck at Brussels airport. "It became clear to me that I wasn't going to make the interview on time," she recalls. "And I was pretty upset about that. But the head of department and the two heads of section took it in their stride. Right there and then they postponed our interview until later in the afternoon, when I finally did arrive."

From Brussels to Munich

The Singapore native had applied to the reinsurance company online. The application process was "transparent", Eileen recounts. There were two further interviews after that first one, and then came the job offer. From then on everything went very quickly: Within two weeks, Eileen had broken camp in Brussels, where she had written her master's thesis. Munich Re helped her relocate and find a new flat in Munich. "Of course that made the new start a lot easier," says the young woman, who has a Bachelor of Business Management (Singapore Management University) and a Master of International Business Administration (Hamburg University).

No facts without figures

Time just flew in the first half year in the Reinsurance Accounting divisional unit (RIA). "There is no course of university study for reinsurance," says Eileen, who has been a Technical Accountant Reinsurance since then. "A lot of things I didn't learn until I started working at Munich Re. And I've been learning every day ever since." Her daily agenda is accordingly varied. Always new projects, lots of appointments and meetings, a new challenge every day."As Technical Accountant it is my responsibility to ensure that the contractual and forecast data are up to date and that the reinsurance accounts are correct. I also have to make sure that the transactions and correspondence with clients go smoothly," Eileen continues. She also does the quality assurance for the results of individual business fields for the quarterly accounts. "I have a lot to do with numbers in my job. That's something I really like. Numbers tell a story. They are the only way you can concretely measure success," she summarises.

She also says she was pleasantly surprised by the trust placed in her and flexibility at Munich Re: "We work on flexitime, which also means that flexible and mobile working are possible. Another advantage is that many of my colleagues have many years of experience, and they are happy to share it with us younger employees."

An eye for detail, a head for numbers and the desire to learn – that is what you need for the reinsurance business. Sounds like you? In that case, you might want to get in touch with Maximilian Schumacher, our Munich Re contact person at careerloft!

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