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Meeting new people, discovering foreign cultures, hearing and speaking different languages, trying new types of food – going abroad has countless benefits. It is the personal development that is the most important value of living abroad, however “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”, as St. Augustine of Hippo once phrased it.

Luckily, there are companies that simply get it: If you want to discover the world, gain international experience and get to know many different people from all around the world, Munich Re will support you in every way they can.

The Munich Re International Graduate Trainee Programme

Odette Grotepass
Odette Grotepass, Munich Re

Are you ready for 24 months full of experiences, personal development and growth, plenty of professional, methodological and social skills? Do you want to see and experience life and work at various amazing cities all over the world? In that case, you should definitely check out the Munich Re International Graduate Trainee Programme!

Together with all other international trainees, you will attend the Graduate Reinsurance International Development (GRID) Modules – in Munich and Princeton. This gives you a great opportunity to learn from experts from all over the world and to exchange ideas with your fellow trainees. In addition to that, you get a specific 12-week international assignment, giving you a first-hand experience and understanding of the different perspectives. The perfect way to develop intercultural competence and to build an international network!

By the way: All Munich Re International Graduate Trainees get a permanent contract. This way, you can be sure that your path with Munich Re will continue after the Trainee Programme. With the programme you lay a solid foundation for your international career at Munich Re: You might start as a trainee in Munich and assume responsibility in an underwriting team in London, Princeton or Sydney right after the programme.

Would you like to learn more about the Munich Re International Graduate Trainee Programme? Check out our interview with Odette Grotepass and learn all about her traineeship in Johannesburg!

Hong Kong, Sydney, Princeton, Beijing, London or Johannesburg

Map of the Munich Re International Graduate Trainee Programme
Discover the World with Munich Re

Take a look at this map: You can embark on your Munich Re Trainee journey at any of these fascinating cities: Discover the capital city of China with its 20 million inhabitants, explore London, one of the most important financial metropolises of the world, or experience life at the “rainbow nation” South Africa and Johannesburg, to name only a few of the options.

In the upcoming weeks, we will introduce various Munich Re International Trainees to you. They will show you their favourite places abroad and tell you about their experiences throughout the globe. 

While the Munich Re Graduate Trainee Programme is the perfect entry point for your employment at the reinsurance corporation, you also have the possibility to stay abroad when joning Munich Re a direct entrant – in fact, Munich Re even encourages you to do so! If you are the kind of person that likes to read the whole book and not only one page – Munich Re is the right partner at your side. Embark on your journey and discover the world!

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