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Melanie Pölking 27.03.2015
Arne Schulte, Junior Project Manager bei E.ON
Arne Schulte

Do you enjoy working strategically? Are you interested in energy? Then a job with E.ON Inhouse Consulting (ECON) is just what you’re looking for. At ECON, you can help shape the energy world of tomorrow. Using the very best as its benchmark, the inhouse consultants of the E.ON Group create solutions to overcome the strategic and operative challenges of the global energy markets and sustainably increase the company’s value. ECON is currently seeking top talent: there are currently 25 graduate positions to fill!

As a graduate, you will start at ECON directly as a project consultant. You will take on responsibility early on and develop quickly. ECON’s stated goals include providing its employees with optimum support and preparing them for leadership positions in the company. According to Arne Schulte, Junior Project Manager at ECON: “ECON is the perfect match if you are passionate about energy and looking for a great team to work with. During my four years at ECON I had the chance to contribute to a variety of different projects – ranging from operational improvement in power plants and the distribution grid to E.ON group-wide strategic projects.”

Your personal development progresses according to clearly defined criteria including intellectual and analytical skills as well as their practical application. Intensive training and coaching for the job are well-established components of your education as a management trainee.

If you’ve ever wanted a taste of life as a consultant, ECON’s two-day CaseMatch workshop provides graduates with a first-hand perspective of the consulting business. Arne Schulte: “With the CaseMatch we offer interested students what is probably the best opportunity to get to know all about ECON in just two days.”

The workshop on renewable energies will be held on May 21 and 22, 2015, in Essen. Take this chance to get to know the ECON team in person. Experience our terrific team spirit for yourself and find out more about your career opportunities at ECON. Apply by April 5 for a place in the CaseMatch Workshop with ECON!

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