Building your career with the E.ON Graduate Program

Melanie Pölking 03.03.2015
Frederieke Reiners is taking part in the E.ON Graduate Program
Frederieke Reiners
“Excitement, self-development, challenges”, this is the quick version of Frederieke Reiners experiences at E.ON until now. The 26-year-old studied Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Energy Technology at RWTH Aachen University. She finished her studies in December 2014 and is now taking part in the E.ON Graduate Program (EGP).

Frederieke, how did you learn about the EGP?

I am a member of the Femtec Careerbuilding-Program, a program dedicated to bringing together talented women with different partner firms. With E.ON being one of the partners, I had the opportunity to visit the energy corporation during the Femtec program. When we visited E.ON, I learnt about all the different career opportunities. This is when I heard about the EGP for the first time.

Why did you apply for the EGP? 

I always wanted to work at a big energy company. E.ON is one of the big players with a broad range of activities that I am interested in. Furthermore, I am not yet quite sure about which specific area I want to work in. My studies had a very technical focus, as had my internship. For me, there is still a lot to learn and to explore and the EGP gives me room for development – I can find out about my strengths and interests. The EGP allows us to choose the placements ourselves, which is a great opportunity as well.

A big advantage is the network offered. Often it is easier to just know a person that works on a project than to read papers about it.
Frederieke Reiners

What was your first day at E.ON like?

 Everyone was very helpful. My line manager explained to me what we are doing exactly at the Technologies and Innovation (T&I) department. My mentor gave me some material to read and I joined her in a few of her meetings. On my first day, I had no idea what we were talking about. Everybody was using abbreviations that I did not understand yet, but my mentor took her time to explain everything to me. By now, I am so used to the abbreviations, that I don’t even notice them anymore. 

What exactly are you working at right now?

I started the EGP in November 2015. Right now I am still at my first placement at Technologie and Innovation. T&I is working on the implementation of innovative solutions: Global trends like climate change, urbanization as well as dynamically changing energy markets are fundamentally transforming the energy supply landscape. Each step of this transformation creates new challenges, but also new opportunities. E.ON is highly interested in innovative technologies and solutions in order to help this transformation succeed.

It is not only the work, location and team that vary in each placement, it is also the way of working.
Frederieke Reiners

Would you recommend the EGP to other students?

Yes, I would! We are a young team at T&I with a very nice atmosphere. I simply love what I am doing. The work excites me and does not get boring at all. I think the EGP can be a great opportunity – it certainly has been for me!

That sounds interesting to you? Apply now and become an EGP trainee yourself in three “easy” steps. At first you have to apply via the online application system. E.ON recruiters will check your CV and if it fits the selection criteria, you will be invited to a telephone interview. If you pass the interview, there is only one final step, an assessment center, where you can prove that you belong to E.ON.

If you have further questions about the EGP don’t hesitate to contact Marisela Aguilar, your contact person from E.ON.

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