Being an E.ON-Trainee in a “truly international program”

Melanie Pölking 17.03.2015
Niklas Glade, Trainee at E.ON
Niklas Glade

Niklas Glade studied business in a dual degree program at the FH Münster and the University of Hull. Afterwards, the 24-year-old went on to Leipzig for his Master studies and graduated from HHL with a M.Sc. in Management in summer 2014. He is now joining the E.ON Graduate Program (EGP) which he himself associates with “internationality, change and passion”.

Why did you apply for the EGP?

During my final year at University I was searching for international graduate programs that would allow me to focus on Controlling, Finance and/or Accounting. The energy sector is a very interesting field of business from my point of view and thus the EGP was an obvious choice to apply for. After hearing and reading about how the EGP works, I could picture myself joining the EGP.

What was your first day at E.ON like?

Actually, I had two “first” days at E.ON. There was an onboarding workshop with all new graduates joining E.ON in Germany either via the international or the regional program was held during the first two days. We even had the chance to visit a power plant. After the workshop, I had my first working day at the office in Hannover. I have to admit that I was pretty excited about starting my first job and meeting some of the people that would be my colleagues during my first placement. A meeting with my mentor and discussing my tasks for the first placement helped me to overcome nervosity.

What exactly are your tasks and responsibilities right now?

I am currently working in the Central Team for CCGT Controlling which is located in Coventry, UK. As the CCGT Controlling team is quite small, I am involved in many different tasks. At the moment these are mainly related to setting up new processes for quarterly forecasting, reporting and to the preparation for executing these afterwards.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

It is very hard for me to find an exact answer to this question as there are many challenges to overcome when starting a new job in a new company for the first time. However, I would say that working on various tasks in different project teams simultaneously has probably been the biggest challenge so far. Gaining experience in many different fields as well as learning how to best allocate limited time and resources has definitely been a very valuable experience.

How would you describe the working atmosphere with your colleagues?

The working atmosphere in the departments I have worked in so far has always been very international, open-minded and friendly. I have met many people that are very passionate about what we are doing at E.ON. In addition, having worked with colleagues of more than ten different nationalities so far has been a great experience in daily working life.

Would you recommend the EGP to other students?

I would definitely recommend the EGP. From my point of view it is a well-organized program that offers a wide range of opportunities to learn and further develop one’s skills. From my point of view the most important point is that the EGP is a truly international program offered by a truly international company.

That sounds interesting to you? Apply now and become an EGP trainee yourself in three “easy” steps. At first you have to apply via the online application system. E.ON recruiters will check your CV and if it fits the selection criteria, you will be invited to a telephone interview. If you pass the interview, there is only one final step, an assessment center, where you can prove that you belong to E.ON.

If you have further questions about the EGP don’t hesitate to contact Carolin Laing, your contact person from E.ON.

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