NB-IOT SAVES CROATIAN TREES Date of event: 21.11. - 31.12.2018


Start our challenge to fight against forest fire, and to develop an early detection including different measurements like damage forecast and control.


Forest’s area, covering about 30% of Earth surface, is decreasing. Wildfires are destroying the forests and endangering the people and their homes around the globe - from southern Europe, to USA and Canada. Croatian forests share the same destiny.

Every summer, a series of wildfires are spreading across the Croatian coast, from Istria, all the way down to Dalmatia and our beautiful islands on the Adriatic Sea. 

At the moment, fire detection is being done by visual detection from the towers, cameras and infrared cameras. We believe that wisely spread sensors could be an upgrade to a visual detection and could warn us about fire before it starts spreading.


Built, plan or scribble a solution which can measure early forest fire (fire intensity, speed, direction, power…), combined with advanced analytics and evaluation (algorithmic).

You have to take in account:

  • Early fire real-time evaluation, analysis and impact forecast
  • Warning advice and triggers
  • Pattern identification
  • Combination with other sensor data (e.g. wind direction, weather status) coming from somewhere else.

The aimed solution touches areas of smart metering, government control, public safety, weather services, private and business insurances, agriculture and of course environment protection.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself:

  • Which should be the sensor distribution density?
  • Which values define a fire and intensity of fire?
  • What is the speed and direction of the fire spread?
  • How weather conditions affect the spread of fire?
  • What features should early forest fire detection application include?
  • What would ecosystem of fire prevention look like?

 Take the Challenge and CLICK HERE! laughing

The 3 finalists will receive an exclusive invitation to our STEM Hub Inovation Centre, Park stara Tresnjevka, Zagreb. Take the opportunity to meet with the our Croatian Telecom IoT - Team!

Funds will be allocated to cover your travel expenses up to 300 EUR.


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