There’s a new partner in town

Sarah Grewing 03.08.2015

And it’s a big one: Our new – yet top-secret – partner company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of polymer materials, with almost 16,000 employees at about 30 international production sites. Its innovative products and solutions find use in major industries such as automotive, sports or even cosmetics. More or less everyone owns something for which our new partner company has supplied important components as its polymer materials are used for the production of cars, mattresses, shoes and more.

In three words: Curious. Courageous. Colorful.

Our new partner company is curious! Its employees don’t content themselves with the current state of things, but are driven to constantly push the boundaries of innovation. In order to always find creative and unexpected solutions, the company’s staff is responsive to its environment and customers. Being proud of the past and excited about the future is their success factor.

Our new partner is courageous! Looking towards the future, our new partner company sees opportunities where others see limitations. When others ask “why”, our new partner will reply “why not?” Its broad knowledge and experience allows the company to act on its courage in order to do what’s right, not just what’s convenient.

Our new partner is colorful! To our new partner company, being colorful means to find inspiration in diversity, within the company itself as well as in the world. Faithful relationships with customers, suppliers and employees as well as the “human touch” are at the heart of its drive to innovate. And our partner is always open to expanding its color palette with new applications, new materials and new ways of looking at the world.

Safety, efficiency and sustainability are top priorities: every year, the company invests some EUR 300 million in research and development to meet the major challenges of our times, among them climate change, scarce fossil fuels and urbanization.

On 1 September we will disclose the name of our new partner company. Until then we will provide you with a few insights and introduce to you some of the company’s employees.

How curious, courageous, colorful are you? Apply now for the Welcome Event on 23 October in our Berlin Loft and be one of the first to meet our new partner!

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