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Henning Schmitz von SAP und dem HPI Future SOC Lab klärt auf

Sarah Grewing 19.08.2014
The HPI Future SOC Lab was founded in 2010 as a collaboration between the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) and its industrial partners SAPEMCFujitsu and HP. Their common goal: to create a platform that would facilitate and encourage discourse between the research community and industry.

The partnership enabled the team to provide the necessary resources and infrastructures: from hardware and software to personnel, buildings and power supplies. “The mutual benefits are plain to see,” explains Team Leader Henning Schmitz. “The scientists enjoy use of the latest equipment free of charge – something many institutes would be unable to afford on their own. At the same time, HPI and the industrial partners benefit from direct contact with researchers of all disciplines, and insight into exciting projects.”

The projects

Henning Schmitz von SAP und dem HPI Future SOC Lab

The projects are chosen by the HPI Future SOC Lab Steering Committee, which includes representatives from both HPI and the industrial partners. Henning Schmitz explains: “In general, we look at only two factors. Firstly: Is the project useful? Secondly: Do we have the capacity required to support the project? Incidentally, the latter has never led to an application being rejected thus far.” However, the objective of the international discourse that the researchers have both with each other and with the industrial sector does not stretch to carrying out projects in the HPI Future SOC Lab.

It goes without saying that the work is intended to benefit the research community as a whole. This is why the HPI Future SOC Lab not only provides the selected projects with six months of resources for research purposes, but also invites them to present their initial findings at the bi-annual HPI Future SOC Lab Day. In addition, HPI also publishes the results and experience gained from the work in the form of a technical report. “The HPI Future SOC Lab Day is open to anyone who is interested,” stresses Henning Schmitz. “The projects from the last six months are displayed there on posters, while a selected few are also the subjects of presentations.” We also make all of the day’s presentations available online.”

Limitless opportunities

“We’re always especially intrigued by the issues that come from other fields,” Henning Schmitz continues. “For example, we once had a project where the aim was to create climate simulations in order to allow exact forecasting of rainfall in Africa. Another research group used the resources of the HPI Future SOC Lab to analyze communication in bee colonies. I also remember another project whose aim was to optimize a bakery chain’s raw dough quantities using in-memory technology. Some of the data that came into play there was not the kind of thing you would expect at first – weather-related fluctuations in sales, for example,” the project manager remembers with a chuckle. “Basically, the area of application for the HPI Future SOC Lab is universal and almost limitless.”

Would you like to experience the work of the HPI Future SOC Lab first-hand at the SAP Innovation Center in Potsdam, Germany? The site currently has a vacancy for a student trainee! Or maybe you’ve got an interesting project that you’d like to use the resources of the HPI Future SOC Lab for? The next call for projects begins September 1.

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