Raspberry Pi – a pocket-sized work of genius

This credit card sized single board computer is something for hardcore IT enthusiasts.

“That’s a pocket-sized kind of hard drive, I think,” I answered, the first time someone asked me what a Raspberry Pi is – totally underestimating the capabilities of this pocket-sized work of genius!

After installing the operating system of your choice on it via Ethernet and USB connections, you can start to program it straight away. And you can be as creative as you like. Enough reason to include this “sweet treat” in our support program for IT specialists.

Raspberry Pi mit careerloft-Logo

Members of our support program have already implemented some very creative ideas since we supplied them with the first lot of Raspberry Pis.

Sebastian from Giessen, for example, writes:

“I was really pleased to get one; and since then, I have already carried out quite a few projects with my Raspberry Pi. I set up a media center, for example, that allows me to wirelessly stream and publish media files from my PC in order to use the Pi as a network server for websites and files. I have also written some simple applications and told it to carry out automatic calculations even though my PC was actually switched off at the time. What was especially great about receiving a Pi through the support program was the fact that it came with lots of accessories (like an SD card and power supply), so I was able to use it straight away. That really made it fun, especially when all services are running at the same time!”

Raspberry Pi als Förderleistung bei careerloft

Ralf from Potsdam also utilizes everything his Raspberry has to offer in terms of technology:

“I use the Raspberry as a Dropbox replacement, as this allows my data to stay with me. Based on Raspbian, I have installed ownCloud and integrated TorrentSync. And I also have a mumble server running simultaneously. It has worked super so far, as this has freed my already existing Pi number two for an openELEC as a media server, blinking away merrily next to my new one.”

Marianne from Munich also kept an entire weekend free to set up her Raspberry to her specifications, and has some big plans:

Das Raspberry Pi Projekt eines careerloft-Mitglieds

“An unspectacular, (as yet) lonely shift register that can digitally activate 8 LEDs and is controlled by the Raspberry Pi via Python. Further shift registers are already in place behind it. However, besides refreshing my e-technology knowledge, I am actually planning to use the Raspberry Pi as a slim-line, energy-saving home server, like for synchronizing my Firefox profile. Compared to the Raspberry Pi, my first two PCs were power hungry, noisy, slow monsters with tiny, slow memories and immature software. Almost unimaginable today!”

Bernhard from Sendenhorst has built himself his own Cloud:

“I was motivated by the idea of retrieving my personal data from the Cloud and getting it back under my own control, rather than allowing companies to analyze it for marketing purposes. The Raspberry Pi is perfect for this, as it uses very little energy and can thus run 24 hours a day!

Under Arch Linux, I am currently running:

  • Baikal: Synchronizes contacts and calendar (Google replacement)
  • Seafile: Online storage (Dropbox replacement)
  • Dovecot: Own mail server (Gmail replacement)
  • Subversion (SVN): Version control for homework and master's thesis (like Dropbox, but more specialized)
  • Tiny-Tiny-RSS: RSS newsfeed aggregator (Feedly replacement)”

If you are an IT student who would also like to make use of this exciting and versatile offer, order your own Raspberry Pi via careerloft now.

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