#CareerTipsFromHollywood: Pretty Little Liars

Jasmin Kramer 08.12.2016
“A” is back! Five years on from the last time they were reunited, friends Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer find themselves terrorized once again. It’s safe to say we should brace ourselves for more secrets, murder and intrigue in Rosewood. In part 15 of our #CareerTipsFromHollywood, we’ll show you what you can learn from Emily, Hanna and Spencer and how to apply it to starting your career.

Shhh, spoilers! Spoilers below for those who haven’t seen Season 6 yet.

Emily Fields

The other girls can always rely on Emily. She lives with her strict mother, Pam. Her father is away serving in the military and rarely gets to see the family. Although Emily initially has a boyfriend, she figures out early on that she is attracted to women. When her parents learn of this they’re anything but enthusiastic and do their best to stand in their daughter’s way. She gets a lot of guff for her sexuality at school as well. At some point Emily begins to understand that she can’t pin her decisions on her parents or other people and becomes a brave, self-aware woman. She knows who she is and she stands up for that.

Don’t apologize for who you are and what you want.
Alex Santiago

What Emily is showing you: Whether it’s sexuality, religion, your taste in music or your favorite team: You will never be able to please everybody. In a job setting in particular, there will always be situations that involve intolerant colleagues or clients. Do not let them discourage you! Accept yourself for who you are and stick to your guns!

Hanna Marin

Hanna can sometimes be totally out of it: She only gets how things fit together later on or ends up misspeaking when she tries to explain something. In spite of this, she does have a big heart: Her friends can always turn to her. Hanna often starts up crazy missions on her own initiative to flush out (Big) “A” only to put her life at risk. One example is when she pretends to be Charlotte’s murderer and is then kidnapped. Luckily, her friends are usually there to help bail her out.   

What you can learn from Hanna: You are not alone! We often face stressful situations where things seem to pile up, especially at work. Getting help in situations like these is perfectly okay! When there’s just too much to do, ask a co-worker for help instead of fighting your way up that mountain of work all by yourself. Together you’ll be able to reach your goal faster and no one will have to pull an all-nighter in the office.

Spencer Hastings

Quick-witted. Clever. Careful. These are the three words that best describe Spencer. The daughter of successful lawyers, she is a true workaholic. She’s either working to keep up her good grades or figuring out how to win the next competition. This is the only way she’ll get any attention from her parents since they otherwise only have eyes for her older sister, Melissa. Spence is the only one of the liars who was able to push back even before Ali’s disappearance and tried to get to the bottom of what was going on. And when looking for (Big) “A” she was living proof that savvy and a bit of time to think could result in big steps forward.

What you can learn from Spencer: Take as much time as you need! If you have a complex problem to get to grips with at work, it’s worth it to proceed carefully and calmly. Consider the different approaches, evaluate the alternatives and be as tenacious as Spencer when tackling the problem.

Want more Pretty Little Liars? Season 7 premiered on June 21, 2016.

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