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About The Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is the world’s leading strategic corporate consulting firm. Together with our customers, we develop and implement innovative strategies that generate competitive advantages and long-term improvement in company results. Founded in the United States in 1963, BCG now operates 80 offices worldwide, including eight in Germany and Austria. Worldwide, BCG generated a turnover of 6.3 million US dollars in 2017 with a total of 16,000 employees.

We advise companies from all industries and markets. Strategic perspective is a recurring theme in our role as consultant, be it in growth issues, increasing efficiency, value management, organizational development, process and structural optimization, mergers and acquisitions or brand management.

Our consultants have one an overarching goal in their work: to improve the business results of our customers not just incrementally, but also by developing a long-term competitive advantage. It is not our role to give our customers clever advice. We see ourselves more as partners whose external view calls existing circumstances into question and thus triggers change processes. For us, a project starts in fully and completely understanding a company. The second step is to develop solutions together with customers’ employees and put them into practice. This allows us to generate clear and effective change.

Our consulting work focuses on one problem from a number of different perspectives. As such, only half of our consultants are economists. They work together with many scientists, engineers and humanities scholars at BCG. The power of different perspectives provides inspiration for strategy development and is also very rewarding in terms of personal interaction.

This year, BCG Germany and Austria is planning to fill 500 new vacancies across all its divisions, including more than 200 new consultants at various levels of seniority. In addition to these permanent appointments, we will be giving 160 visiting associates the opportunity to follow our casework for eight to twelve weeks.

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