Master's thesis (all genders welcome) – Software Architecture for Automated Driving AUDI AG

To be filled: 01.02.2019

Work Environment

Driver assistance systems support and reduce strain on drivers while they are driving a motor vehicle, offering them ever-greater safety and comfort. Automated driving in particular is a further step towards the future and, in certain situations, allows the driver to turn over part or all of the tasks of driving to the vehicle. Your involvement in the predevelopment of automated driving at AUDI AG enables you to gain experience in this rapidly growing field and to participate in the development of conditionally and highly automated driving functions in an environment that is both scientifically oriented and practical at the same time.

Job Purpose/Role

The predevelopment of automated driving develops the complete self-driving signal flow from sensor data acquisition and processing, tactical planning, trajectory planning and action. The functional modules are continuously refined and new ones are implemented. As part of your graduation thesis, you will be responsible for creating a refactored software architecture which enables the implementation and the integration of new self-driving car feature increments. Scalability, Extensibility, Portability and Testability are the architecture design goals as well as architecture design principles like Separation of Concerns, Principle of Least Knowledge, Single Responsibility Principle. 

Your specific tasks include: 

  • Becoming familiar with the state of the art 
  • Identify the key requirements for the new architecture 
  • Define the new architecture and describe a transformation plan for migrating to the new architecture 

    The exact topic is defined in collaboration with the supervising university.

Key Requirements/Skills/Experience

  • Studying for a degree in a technical subject 
  • Good programming knowledge in C/C++ 
  • Knowledge in software architecture development 
  • Ideally, you have had some experience with designing large software architectures in different domains (e.g. automation/drive, medical) 
  • Ideally, you have had some experience with with Model Driven Architecture approaches (MDA) 
  • Dedication and an independent way of working 

    Women are particularly encouraged to apply.

Additional information
This position is available at  AUDI AG in Ingolstadt.

Reference code: I-A-56003


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