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Our aim is to support students in their development and help them gain an overview of the best options available to them for the future. We want to give then the best possible start to their careers once they’ve completed their studies.

Our partner companies are able to get in touch early with the best talents Germany has to offer, build lasting relationships with them and win over specific candidates.

What distinguishes careerloft?

careerloft is …

  • holistic: careerloft is more than just a digital network. Both online and at our Berlin Loft in the heart of Kreuzberg, we foster inspiring relationships between students and businesses.
  • a long-term player: Successful candidate relationship management lives in the interaction between businesses and talents. careerloft provides students with guidance throughout their educational journey and enables businesses to build long-term and lasting contacts.
  • individual: Careers mean something different to each individual person. Depending on degree focus, graduation year and career type, company content always reaches the right talents – thanks to our individualized matching system.
The careerloft partnership

You can adapt the careerloft partnership to your individual needs and your budget.

Job partners

Advertise jobs for the best talents Germany has to offer and use our “Active Sourcing” module to find the right minds that best suit your business needs.


Build relationships with talented students and graduates through numerous careerloft activities: events at our Berlin Loft, through social media or the Mentoring Program, for example. Access our unlocked talent pool and communicate directly with talented minds that are perfect for your company.

Premium partners

Whether it’s events at our Berlin Loft, videos, editorials, social media or the careerloft Mentoring Program: as a premium partner, you’ll benefit from every one of careerloft’s strengths! Benefit from increased visibility on the platform and get a head start in meeting talented careerloft members.

Want to work with us in another way?

Become a cooperation partner. The careerloft career network fast-tracks students’ and graduates’ professional development at top companies. As part of this effort, we’re always on the lookout for interesting offers that support talented students and graduates so they can concentrate on what’s important: their personal development. An attractive Scholarship Program with effective contributions brings us one step closer to achieving this goal. If you’re interested in helping us achieve this goal, please get in touch with us.

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