FAQsEverything you’ve always wanted to know about careerloft.

Here you’ll find some of our most frequently asked questions all about careerloft, our events, our support services, the mentoring program and much more – along with the answers you need, of course.

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  • I’m having problems uploading my documents.
    If you’re currently unable to upload your documents via your member profile, you are welcome to send us your files via email to We’ll then upload them to your profile.
  • Who can see my profile information and what information can they see?
    Your name and photo are always visible to all users (if provided). You can adjust the individual settings for all other information using the privacy settings, for example, what information should be visible to which people. The standard settings ensure that other users cannot initially see your data.

    Your entire profile is always visible to our partner companies. Grades and test results are always visible to our partner companies.
  • Who has access to my data and documents?
    We’ll need your complete transcripts to assess your application for the careerloft Scholarship Program. In addition, you can also apply for jobs posted by our partner companies using the files you have previously uploaded with just the click of a button. Of course, you can also remove these documents at any time.

    Only we and our partner companies have access to the files you have uploaded. No other members have access to this data.
  • When will I receive my reward for friends I have referred?
    If one of the people you referred is accepted into the careerloft Scholarship Program, you’ll receive your reward from us as soon as possible. Please note that, depending on the “Refer your friends” campaign, rewards are only sent out once the campaign has ended and/or the quota has been met.
  • How will I know if one of my friends has been successful? Will I receive a confirmation email?
    One to two weeks after a member referred by you has been accepted into the scholarship program we will send you an email with your voucher code. If the number of people you have referred is more than the number accepted, this may be due to the face that some applications are still being reviewed. You are welcome to remind your friends that we will only be able to review their applications if complete documentation is supplied.
  • How can I register for a careerloft webinar?
    In order to apply for a webinar, you must be registered with careerloft and click on the relevant webinar news entry. At the top right you’ll then see the “Join” button.

    If you can’t see the “Join” button, this means you have either already registered for this webinar or you are not eligible to attend the webinar because some webinars are exclusively for careerloft Scholarship Program members.
  • When will I receive the particulars for the webinar?
    You’ll receive specific information regarding the webinar by email on the day of the webinar.